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The stunning Ark Nobel Yacht offers luxury private cruises in the Maldives. 10 spacious cabins are available in a choice of categories; Standard State Cabins and Ocean View Suites. Each cabin features AC, flat screen TV, mini-refrigerator, dressing table, wardrobe and en-suite bathroom.


The Carina is a 100-foot boutique live-aboard built in 2000 with the finest of materials. She is co-run by Ark Fleet partnership who have 5 years experience in the Maldivian Tourism Industry. This is a big plus in ensuring an enjoyable trip. The diving Dhoni is well equipped and maintained and the Maldivian dive guides know the dive sites intimately. Though the tour is primarily diving the Carina Maldives actively promotes other aspects of the Maldives.

About Us
ARK is the proud culminative abbreviation of Mr Ahmed Rasheed Khalidh. A brand name found on the philosophy of building a luxury dwelling at sea. An address at the ocean. An statement to the 90% of asset of its home, the Maldives, the ocean and the reef. Visited, ruled and robbed by the Portugese to the Netherlands, Maldives is the wonder of 1000 archipelagos from which the word ATOLL originated from.

ARK is an idea conceptualized by its founder to build a fleet of classy, comfortable and conceptual vessels/yachts for personal use, recreation and business. Currently the fleet has 2 vessels, the ARK Noble and the ARK Royal all built in the sprit and aesthetics of age old vessel building craftsmanship of the Maldivian ancestors.

Designed with extensive elborate wood curves, plated floors, gold tinted metal works, marble, selected furniture and state of the art technology, every vessel in the arc fleet embodies the "OLD & NEW WORLD" design language of wood, metal, marble & cotton. Complimented by gastronomical experiences, fine dining, wine and luxury comfort.

Outdoor spaces, smooth sailing, cozy rooms are homage to the age old heritage of Maldivian vessels.
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